Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello? Is there anybody there?

I got the kids' case file from our attorney today. Mostly the court reports, psychological's boring stuff.

Starting in October 2006 every court paper had the finding that "the children are available for adoption". It repeats that once more in 2006, at least three other times in 2007, and in February of 2008 there is an initial placed next to that finding, and that finding is absent from further filings.

So, one of two things have happened. Either the kids have been available for adoption for two years and no one knew. Or the court and the county attorney, the parents' attorney's, CPS, the ad litem and the fostering oversight department missed a crucial finding for at least 16 months.

I don't know which would be worse.

Also, for those of you who don't believe there are adoptable babies available from foster care, I met a foster parent at the dentist today that has been caring for a child since birth, he is now 18 months. She has no intention of adopting as she is in her early 60's, but they cannot find a home for him. Sad news is that he's bonded to this woman who will not care for him his entire life, because there are people who are too afraid to take the chance on at risk babies.

Now, I know that everyone has to come to terms with what they can handle, but statistics are on the side of adoption if a child stays in care past the initial hearing. There are a lot of kids who are available for adoption. A lot that leave the hospital in foster care. There are also a lot of parents who cannot, for whatever reason, check the box "at risk placements". Fact of the matter is that all children in foster care are placed at risk.

Anyway, with the incompetency that is running rampant in the foster care system, it's amazing that any person would sign up for it at all.


Rebekah said...

I know a couple of people that adopted babies out of foster care, too! We'd like to look to foster care for baby/toddler number two, when we get to that point (Ben just wants to get through having baby #1 first! :). The need is SO breaks my heart.

Rachel and Jacob said...

I am so excited about our endeavor. I had one little boy in my care in residential who had been up for adoption since his birth three years prior. there is no reason for that!

D said...

We adopted an infant from foster care too. We were'nt even looking, either!!

Maury said...

I have my baby that is 3 months...he has been in care since birth, and I have had him since he was 6 weeks. (he was in 2 placement prior to coming to me) His mom doesn't visit AT ALL, but his 58 yr old dad does visit regularly, and wants him. But, we have made it past the first hearing....and then next one isn't until January. What a rocky road, and he has already bonded with us, and if they ever give him to the dad, he will grow up without a mother....when I am his mother. Breaks my heart, and I can't really think about it right now!