Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adoption Perceptions

I was over at another site that has since been removed, reading about different opinions on adoption. One anonymous commenter quoted Job 24:9 " The fatherless child is snatched from the breast; the infant of the poor is seized for a debt." Using the Bible to say that God is against adoption. From what I can tell this anonymous commenter had a child that was adopted by another family.

Let me first say that I cannot imagine what this is like. It doesn't take much for me to conjure up some empathy for Mama when I think about it. Both of us love our babies, and call them our own. She did not directly choose to lose her children, although through her actions or lack thereof she chose. I did not snatch them, I did not buy them.

Later on in the same chapter of Job vs 21 it goes on to say "They prey on the barren and childless woman," another evil of the adoption world. Women, some of whom are not even pregnant, who offer their babies to multiple families for the "expenses".

It is said that evil rides a white horse. Evil knows that if he shows up on a black horse we would fight with all of our might against it. I believe that adoption is a good thing. We could have had more biological children, we chose not to. With any good thing that can be thought of there is an evil side to it.

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Maury said...

I believe adoption is a good thing too. I take photos for the heart gallery in our county, and all of those kids...(I just photographed 23 last week) need to be adopted...their parental rights have long been terminated.

At the same time, eve with the bad things these parents have done to their kids, it is still painful for them to lose them forever. Many parents are bad b/c of the lack of parenting that they had, or lack of support.

I know in the case of our baby...as badly as I want to keep him, I know his father's heart, and he will be devasted if he doesn't get to keep him. At the same time, I do worry about him so much if he goes to his dad.