Sunday, May 11, 2008

Traditional Blogger Regrets

I've noticed I haven't been keeping up on this particular blog. Sorry, eventually nearly every blogger realizes that they are not keeping up with their blogging duties. I had originally started this as a sub-group of our women's ministry at our church. Supporting adoptive and foster mom's with all the foster and adoptive issues that come up. That, I feel is going well. I've met several families through it, and while we don't meet regularly as a whole, I do speak with some, email others and hope that others are benefiting from my family's experience.

Babies of the body or babies of the heart, the one thing true about all kids is they require a lot of time and energy. I am a smarter not harder kind of person. So, while analyzing the world's problems, I found my biggest problem with the world. We did some extra curricular activities with the oldest of my bunch, but even with two we had two kids doing two things in two different places, and it BUGGED me. We've boycotted them for much of the last nine years. However, my born of the body babies are not genetically inclined to relax. The very thought that I was going to be doing five different things a week in five different places was driving me crazy. So......

I'm starting a center that will house all sorts of extra curricular activities in one place. I'm writing business plans, doing revenue analysis, all sorts of WORK to avoid driving around town. Writing it out seems crazy, but I realize I cannot be the only one. In fact I'm not, I already have several people on board. Lots of moms want to stop spending quality time in traffic.

So in the future if you miss me I'll be here or here

I'll still be here, but if you miss me I'm around.

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