Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Divine Appointments

I had plans for today, and they were noble plans, but through a variety of circumstances I was unable to go ahead with my plans. I had intended to attend the TPR (termination of parental rights) hearing with one of our B.O.T.H. families. Busy conflicting schedules prevented me from making that hearing, I could have made it work but it would have been putting my fourth choice ahead of my third choice. You know...
1. God
2. Hubby
3. Family
4. Ministry

I could have easily justified the nobility of my ministry, I believe it to be a noble cause, but it is not my highest calling. That is why I made the priority list, so that I can be in charge of my schedule, not the other way around.

Having a cleared schedule allowed me to do something for myself. It was not noble, it was purely something that I wanted and now had the time to do it. I could have rushed around and rearranged my schedule to be able to attend to my plans, but would have missed a divine appointment.

My appointment today just happened to be with a woman who goes to my church, who is interested in possibly starting a women's ministry group, but was afraid that her ideas seemed dumb or vain. But as she said the words out loud, she realized that her ideas were not dumb or vain, and that she might be able to lend her expertise to the women in our community. To top it off God has been nudging her towards adoption, every time she turns around she is seeing something or hearing something, or meeting someone who reminds her that adoption is an option.

The good news is that the TPR went through and there are some kids who are now available to be adopted by their foster families. The bad news is that there is a mother who lost her children. Please remember them all in your prayers. Regardless of her choices that led a judge to terminate her rights, she did choose life for them and she deserves our respect for that.

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