Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Degrees of Oprah Winfrey

Anyone who hasn't been living in a cave has heard of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". Everybody in the world knows Kevin Bacon through no more than six people. I am three degrees away from him. This past week Oprah inserted herself into the case of our foster family by contacting the foster father of our babies oldest brother. I guess her and I are now a two.

At first I was excited, maybe Oprah could do something that caseworkers and attorneys and I haven't been able to do. I've been struggling with this over the past couple of days. If Oprah is able to move the process along and get the state to follow their own laws regarding time in care, would she get the credit. Would I forever tell everyone that because of Oprah I was able to adopt my children? I've been hesitant to hope for it because it is all God's timing. On the other hand, could she be an instrument that causes change. Is she the instrument that will shine the light on kids getting stuck in foster care? When I've discussed this with people they are most excited that Oprah is now involved. These are good Christian people, why are they more excited by what Oprah can do than by what God can do?

I keep playing the song in my head by Casting Crowns. What if His people prayed. "What if families turned to Jesus and stopped asking Oprah what to do." Is Oprah more powerful than God in America? She gets better press that's for sure. Can someone who doesn't openly and often acknowledge God be used by Him to complete his purposes? Am I willing to hope for her help and give Him the credit? I know that should this case have the light of Oprah shone upon it, the Born of the Heart organization will go from 300 hits a month to 300 hits an hour. I'd better have my act together by then. I started Born of the Heart to help foster families, I started it to help as many as I could. Did I imagine it going Oprah big? No. I have given it to God though and apparently it is going places I never imagined.

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Pat said...

I'm not a foster parent, but I appreciate your parenting foster children. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog.