Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is God Pro-Choice???????

It was a topic of conversation that come up in my life today. Before you start flagging me for objectionable content take a moment to read our thoughts on this. We did not resolve this issue, but it made me think, even if you end up disagreeing with our thought process, I'm hoping it will give you pause.

First, human life is precious to God. We did not dispute that. God of course would love for all people to dwell with Him forever, He thought of us, He created us, He made a way for us. But He knew if given the choice between A and A, and we chose A, would it be our choice?

Second, if there were not a legal choice, would the "problem" go away? We thought not, so what would Jesus do? Would he send desperate and hurting women to the back alley with a coat hanger or would it be more Christlike to have a safe and legal option? One that is being watched and regulated.

Alright, even my own head is swirling at this point. It will be over soon.

This lady and I are around the same age. We predate the "choice", but we grew up in the age of choice. Choice is out and proud and only a medical procedure, or so we've been told early and often. I know people who have faced the "choice" and I would say the choices made split fairly evenly. If you have never been faced with an unplanned pregnancy you do not know what choice you would make. No, you don't. I chose to view my babies as a "surprise" rather than an "accident". Of course there is no such thing as a surprise or an accident, I was having sex, I got pregnant, I felt my choice had already been made. On the other side though, I knew girls who were forced there by their own mothers or boyfriends. Girls who couldn't stand the thought of being tied to a certain guy for 20 more years. Girls who thought it more convenient and private than condoms. Others who believed that it was just a simple medical procedure. And then I also knew others who gave up their babies for adoption. Which complicates it even more.

I've always considered myself pro-life. I've always viewed choice as something that should be made prior to the "surprise". I consider myself a Jesus freak. I am, however, very offended at people who hold up signs outside of clinics screaming at girls who are seeking an option.

I'm gonna speak from a little experience here and say that unplanned pregnant equals looking for love. I wanted love from a guy, or a baby and now that the guy is gone, I the unloved cannot love a baby.

Now alone and scared what's a girl to do? Are you helping her with your sign? No, you're scaring her, and she's still going inside, where people are being nice to her, where people are helping her. Even if those people are wrong, who do you think she's going to believe? When she finds her way to you, it will be too late.

Six months or so ago was the first time I've come across such a scene. The God squad with their signs and crying women with escorts. It was also the first time I thought that maybe I should go and volunteer at a clinic. A pro-lifer in an abortion clinic, I probably wouldn't be there long, but I might be able to help for awhile. I might be able to tell them the truth about the "procedure" they are about to undergo, I might be able to offer up other options, or I might be able to love someone while they are making a decision that will stay with them for the rest of their life. Let's face it, clinics will always be open, wouldn't it be more helpful to be on the inside? It's not a choice I can make for someone else. How do I know? God told me so. He set an example, here is A and B. I'll leave the choice up to you.

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