Thursday, November 6, 2008

Attention Grocery Shoppers

I hope you all enjoyed our shopping experience as much as I. I would like to apologize to everyone who was annoyed by Felpsy shouting "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom." Some of you were kind enough to point out that I should "just answer the boy." How kind of you to offer your advice, I had not thought of answering him, oh wait, I did answer him, the first time, and the 400th time, and the 2000th time. How much more annoying would the experience have been had it gone "mom, what, mom, what, mom, what, mom, what." I might even have thought to stop what I was doing and look him in the eye and ask him "what?" the first time, oh wait I did.

I apologize for trying to socialize a traumatized child, he really should be locked away until he can handle outings and disruptions to his schedule better. Or better yet, I should just realize that after three years I am unable to fix him and send him back into the system that broke him. Wouldn't it be a grand experiment to see what he'd be like in 14 years after switching homes every six weeks his entire life? I do want to apologize for parenting in public, but until the government outlaws it you will have to endure my second hand parenting. Just shut your eyes and ears and walk by quickly, and I'll try not to blow my smoke in your direction.


Susie said...

You need to make these posts into a book! Hilarious,well not hilarious for you, but I mean for me to read your comentary.

Keep doing your best Annie, and hang in there. Ignore, ignore and ignore some more.

Sugar-n-Spice said...

are you living my life?

i have locked my self away with my traumatized little one, hoping a few weeks of intensive tlc would help. we were interrupted by halloween and a visit from brother. all was going well till then. hades since, though. arg.

don't you just love how everyone else always has complete control over their children, never once having had any problem, and they want to tell us how to parent our children? oh, gotta love that! makes me wish RAD had some kind of specific halo that came over our angels' heads. maybe they wouldn't expect normal if they didn't look so normal. ;)

Annie said...

I think surgically attaching a third ear to the forehead for our RADishes would dispel some of the comments regarding their behavior anyway. And when they were cured, simply remove it.