Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Socially Active Teens

She always has the best stories. One such reminded me of this.

Our pediatrician is an American by choice. Austrian by birth. His bedside manner as well as his english have a lot to be desired, but I can call, get in, see him, get a prescription filled and be home in under an hour. This with three kids under five, I'll deal with the heavy accent and the gruffness, time is something you never get back, and sitting three hours in a waiting room is not how I choose to spend my life. As an added bonus, he seems to know everything and has diagnosed many things that others have missed.

He is quite accommodating to the scores of children I have, trying to see them all at once so I don't have to make multiple trips. One day, we had the entire posse in his big room. Getting all of the preliminary background on all of them before taking them off to examine them more closely in the small room. One by one he asked me if the born of the heart babies were adjusting well, were "socially active" knowing all about their psychological issues and such, these were relevant questions for the BOTH children. Then he gets to my BOB girl. A teen who will remain nameless. She being the oldest he asks if she is "sexually active". I replied, "no, I don't think so." Big girl then chimes in with "I AM TOO MOM. I HAVE LOTS OF FRIENDS." Then starts naming them one by one by one, girls and boys with which she hangs. Indignant that I would see her as unpopular. I shot her a look and mouthed "sexually" at which point she died. Luckily we were in a doctors office, but that poor girl has not gone back since.

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hsmomma5 said...

AHHHHHH!!!! How funny. You and Sugar need to write a book together. You both have the funniest stories!! :)