Thursday, October 4, 2007

Abigail is in the house

Several weeks a little invisible friend came to live with us. Her name is Abigail, it is NOT acceptable to call her Abby. She is 69 years old and doesn't go to school, but she still rides in her carseat. The interactions with baby girl and Abigail are the absolute cutest, but I hesitate to tell people about this because baby girl is under the watchful eyes of others.

Now read any child development book and you'll see imaginary friends are acceptable at this age, I doubt, however, that the "watchful eyes" have read a child development book. I'm worried that this will be classified as hallucinations or something of a psychotic break to gather more funding for baby girls special needs, (the buck is not subject to trickle down economics and stops well before it reaches my hands)we of course would be scrutinized as to how we parented baby girl to the point where she interacts with persons who cannot be seen by others. Since Abigail "can't like" boys does she have gender issues that we have been insensitive to?

It would be funny if I were kidding. But in a world where I can be cited for not double locking neosporin, I may have legitimate concerns. I am also concerned that they find out the horrible care that has been provided for Abigail while she has been here. I have left her home alone. I have forgotten her in the car, in stores and at school. I have sat on her and thrown her out. I demolished her living quarters and am always stepping on her hair. She also gets to watch tv whenever she wants and gets to have chips for breakfast, of course my babies would NEVER have chips for breakfast.

I have not had to deal with any imaginary friends since I had my own. My born of the body babies did not have any that they shared with the family. But I am in awe that baby girl has come up with such a complex ecosystem for Abigail, her great concern for Abigail, baby girl knows her likes and dislikes and they love spending time together without the boys. I feel lucky to see the creator/created relationship through the eyes of a child.

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