Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Women in the Bible

How is it that the Proverbs 31 woman has become the only biblical woman that we hear about? Most of us are not and never will be her, and parading her about only causes us to strive to be something that we are not, or causes us to give up because we now have biblical proof that we do not measure up. This is a woman who stayed up all night and got up before everyone else, she was perfect, but everytime I think of her I think Bree Van deKamp. This lady had it all together, and is the only woman in primetime to read her bible daily. I may be wrong but give it some thought.

I'm more of a woman caught in adultery type. Naked at the feet of Jesus, too ashamed to ask for the mercy only He can give. Now before the rumor mill gets going, let me clarify. I have not committed adultery, this decade anyway.

Sadly we don't know all of the names of the women in the Bible, but I do know that most of them wouldn't be allowed through the doors of most churches. Well, they'd be let in, as long as they kept to themselves and allowed us to pray for them. The woman at the well who had seven husbands would be the perfect prayer project.

This all brings about the question of what does a Christian woman look like today. Is she fat? Is she thin? Is she married? Is she single? Is she divorced? Is she straight? Is she gay? Does she have tattoos? Does she work outside the home? Does she work inside the home? Does she cook from scratch, or go through drive thru? Does she sew or shop? Does she have kids, does she hate kids? Has she ever had an abortion, been a stripper or sold herself for drug money? I don't know. I do know that nothing on the list would exempt anyone from being a Christian, as much as we would like to keep our Christian circles pure, exempting another would by default be un-Christian.

God can deal with anything you bring. Anything. And the nice thing is the only thing that you get for having a bigger pile of junk to lay at His feet, is MORE grace.

So the advice this naked at the feet of Jesus lady has for all you Proverbs 31 wannabes is... turn off the lights, have some sex (only you married ones), sleep late and order a pizza. The world will not end.


Elaine said...

Hey Annie,
I have to say I do love this post. People need to learn to be real...I'm so sick of the Proverbs woman rampage! Sorry don't mean to be ill, just thinking out way too loud! You know what I think I will just go have some sex! Love it! Love ya girl. The fam saids hello and we will send your love to Javier.
-eLaInE C. <><

daina said...

Love this entry! Thank you! I think most of us need to remember that there was only one perfect one. All we're asked to do is love Him. As I write this my house is a mess and I'm leaving for another state tomorrow, the house will be a mess when I get home on Sunday, but my son will only want to cuddle with me a little while longer. I choose cuddling! Have a great day!