Friday, October 12, 2007

Life math and science

We tried a little unscientific experiment at the house last night. The three little ones wanted to sleep in the tent in the playroom. Oh, what harmless fun that would be. We all have heard the law of physics that states each action has an equal and opposite reaction. I was nice and they have responded with the equal and opposite reaction this morning of extreme grouchiness. I sense this afternoon will begin with grouchy mom putting everyone down for a nap and happy kids awakening.

Life physics also applies to the teens. They want cell phones and computer time and friend time, but I'm still expected to change their laundry at midnight because they forgot. We have not yet gotten the message across that with freedom comes responsibility.

Life math is also an ongoing lesson. We add, add add, then when we need to subtract we gripe at the process. In order for my life balance sheet to actually balance, when I add something, I also need to find an area from which to subtract. Sometimes it starts with a subtraction and we need to add something so we are not in deficit. I recently began subtracting coke from my life, the a-cola type, not the ocaine type, but I had to add water. Sometimes after we've added a husband or a baby, we have to subtract friends.

In the end, after all the additions of friends and families and jobs and hobbies are subtracted through deaths and moves and retirements and declining health, I hope that the good and bad balance to the positive. With all of the different variables yet to play out I already know the answer. The sum total of my life here on earth will be One.

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