Tuesday, December 11, 2007

and then there was one.

It is a monumental day in our household, we are down to one kid in diapers. Praise Jesus. We've had multiples in diapers for almost three years. Yes, I know I could have pushed the issue and done it months ago, but when they are ready, they are ready and it was easy, and I'm fighting enough battles here.

Speaking of which, the teens seem to thing that chores do not apply to them unless they are in immediate need of something. I have set up a very generous point system, if they did all of their assigned chores, every day, they could go out with friends twice a week, have friends over twice a week, have their cell phone and their internet and at least $20 a week. They choose to hover around what they need to cover. Results have indicated that they expect Santa to cover all of their December wishes and chores have taken a hit. Our big girl is assigned to do the dishes, she waits until midnight to do them. I told her that dishes were more important than me giving her a ride to work, and if dishes were undone, that she should not expect me to provide her a ride. Yesterday she waited for her friends to come over and give her a ride, no worry for her, she was only 30 minutes late. This morning dishes were still undone. So we got her where it hurt, wireless internet access. Lo and behold, I dropped her off after school and went to pick up another kid, in the fifteen or so minutes I was gone, guess what was done for the first time in weeks? That's right, the dishes. Of course, the first question was, when can I get my internet back.
Let's see, maybe when you appreciate all that you have.

Don't worry, she's a senior, she'll only have to endure this torture for six more months.

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