Monday, December 17, 2007

My Husband

Another edition of people who've changed my life. He deserves to be farther down the list, (so he'll be higher when I've posted thousands), but it is his birthday and I didn't get him anything.(jk)

He has always been a good person, even before God got ahold of him. Knowing God didn't change who he is as a person, but God gave him direction and he's ran with it.

People who knew me 11 years ago would not know me today. Even my sisters wonder who I am when I make it home for a holiday, or other family gathering. I allow others to speak my truth for me too much of the time. The truth my family speaks of me is not really my truth. My husband speaks the truth I want to be, and because he believes it so can I.

He adores me, though I'm not always adorable. He thinks of me before he thinks of himself. While in many ways we are completely opposite, at the same time we are completely the same, whatever it is is working for us.

He is a good friend, a father to the fatherless, and while this may seem "duh?" to some people, he always does what he says, he always pays his bills, and is completely reliable. And simply by being by his side for nearly eleven years I have become a better person.

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