Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Miss Bryant

I haven't settled on a number yet, the number of people who've changed my life is probably greater than I realize. I was going to start with Jesus, but realized that when all is posted he'd be at the bottom of the list, and people might get bored with my third grade teacher and not get to read about Jesus and how he has changed my life. I'm not talking tabloid Jesus, I'm talking living room Jesus, but we'll save him until later and get to my third grade teacher and my junior high soccer coach. Not that these people aren't awesome, we're saving the best for last,(ish, hopefully this list will never end.)

I had some very good teachers, and some downright "why on earth did you choose this as your profession" awful teachers. My third grade teacher was also my Kindergarten teacher. Back in the day when you didn't have to speak three languages before K. Back then it was our kindergarten teacher that taught us the ABC's and the 123's and we even had inflatable people and it took us all year. So thanks for teaching me how to read Miss Bryant, turns out it came in handy.

The only thing I remember from third grade is playing the gossip game and writing letters. I wrote my aunt who coincidentally went to school with Miss B. Small world. She still rocked as a teacher in third grade, but apparently I didn't learn anything that year. I guess she made more of an impression just for being nice.

So I guess the poster is true, everything I did need to know I learned in Kindergarten.

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