Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday Mornings

On Friday mornings my husband gets up to attend the men's breakfast Bible study. He leaves super early. This morning about 2.5 seconds after his feet hit the floor the disturbance in the force was felt and three small children came a running. (No "foster children" were involved in this story, only my children. Foster children always sleep in their own beds by order of law) But anyway there they were, piling into bed with me to keep me company, because there is nothing worse than stretching out in a big bed all by yourself....

It was nice, the boys weren't fighting over anything. One offered to share his pillow with the other. The girl asked nicely for me to scootch over and we all cuddled up.

Of course now we're paying for the lost hour of sleep. But this morning it was nice.


BrutallyHonest said...

I think that's so sweet. Cuddling is good for the soul!

JustTheFactsMa'am said...

Ugh. Not that I'm against morning cuddle time, but I HATE that my kiddos always seem to wake up 2.5 seconds after my husband does--he's a perpetual morning person and I'm the big-time night owl who hates the sight of daylight in the morning. Why IS it that husbands can't seem to arise quietly enough to keep the kids asleep? I can get up and clean the house without waking anyone up if I need to. Why can't he perform a simple task like, say...opening a simple door...without slamming it or fumbling the handle loudly enough to wake the dead?

OK, rant over. Carry on...very cute post!