Friday, September 5, 2008

He Hits Me Back First

Am I the only one who has to deal with this?

Child A slights Child B in some way accidental or otherwise. Child B then hits Child A. Then A hits B back, then B comes crying to me,

"A hit me."

"Did you hit A?"


"Both of you to time out."

While they are heading to time out, Child C does the classic

"Nah nah na nah naaaaah."

"C time out for taunting."

A & B "Nah nah na nah naaah."

Which gets C to lunge at A and B and the fists start flying again. It's like trying to save a mouse from three cats. You're just trying to get out of their with your eyes in their sockets.

"All right you three, I know you haven't started school yet, but at this rate you'll be in time out during Prom."

They would rather stay in time out 'til Christmas than apologize to their sibling.

"I already said 'sorry' to A today."

"Yes, for taking his crayons, this is for something else."


"you have to say sorry for everything."

"That's going to take too long."

"Maybe we should work on being nicer to each other."

"But he hits me back first."


Annie said...

I seriously wrote this before I read the American Princess Blog on the same subject regarding Obama fighting with Palin and not the guy he's running against.

Rebekah said...

Hilarious! You moms are super-heroes. Seriously. At least all this waiting is teaching me patience - a much needed virtue, from the looks of it!

hsmomma5 said..., you're not alone.... :)