Friday, September 12, 2008


Do you hear the angelic choir? Do you see the 'Touched by an Angel' light. We had a huge breakthrough today.

We were watching Jumanji. For those of you who haven't, the kids in the story have recently lost their parents and come to live with their aunt. Later they meet up with Robin Williams' character, who also grew up without his parents. At this point Felpsy verbalized that 'this movie makes me sad.'

Yes, I get that, but I am so happy that he gets that. I'm not happy that he's sad, rather that he

a. Has emotion other than anger
b. Can recognize emotion
c. Can verbalize emotion
d. Displayed empathy for others
e. Allowed a follow up conversation and was able to work through his emotion.

I asked him why the movie made him sad. He said it's sad that kids don't have parents. He finished our conversation telling me that it makes him feel better when he talks about feeling sad with me.

This is without medication or therapy. He finished the movie without any further problems. We had some other behavior issues later in the night, but I attribute that more to the possibility of an overnight storm and a lack of schedule the last few days, rather than any residual sadness.

He has been sleeping in his bed the last few nights. I'm so excited about all of these break throughs. Further indication that the 75% of life theory has some credibility. We are 12 weeks away from that point. He was placed at 19 months, he'll have been with us for thirty six.

Also proud that we've been able to teach him how to handle his emotions. Guess I'll have to start on my own. (Let's see, I have about 50 more years til I've been here 75% of my life)


BrutallyHonest said...

I love hearing stuff like this. Doesn't this make you feel so good as a mom? I'm so happy that you are making such a difference in this little one's life.

Sugar-n-Spice said...

Oh, how great. I love hearing every bit of it, too. The likeness to my own life is still very comforting. Not to mention being able to feel proud and blessed for a friend's little guy's accomplishments!

And, I'm so glad you added the little tag about your own emotions at the bottom. Sometimes I get so caught up in how every. single. behavior or word out of my RADling's mouth is because of the disorder. She's a kid, not a disorder. And some of it is just SO normal! ;) I really think I've been slightly guilty of concentrating so hard on the disorder, and losing the kid in the midst of it!