Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Fun

We woke up to a LOT of rain, much needed, but why is it on a day when we need to get out of the house?

For the most part we did nothing all day, it was wonderful, kiddos got a little wacko but we all survived.

I did let the kids have a snowball fight. What? A snowball fight on the 4th of July in Texas? Yes, we finally found a use for those pink coconut balls of frosting and chocolate. The kids had fun, baby boy was laughing so hard. During the fight, no one actually fought, it was nice. An unexpected twist. The pink parts are gelatinous molds, they stay in one piece until someone mushes them into a giant pink ball. Gross. They make a popping sound when they hit a body, it sounds like it hurts, but the only near injury was coconut shavings in the eye. The chocolate and frosting washed away with the hose, the seagulls and dog took care of the coconut molds. I have video, but it's sideways and I don't have time to figure out how to right it just now.

After that, I took a very good nap, dreaming of something wonderful until 'WGLAHAAAAAAAAA" from a little one. Which kept me grumpy until we left for fireworks.

I didn't realize until about 10:00 last night that a visit for Monday wasn't arranged. I know these things aren't my responsibility, and suspending visits usually improves behavior, I just don't want the other side to have any excuses. I think we all know that the department is not doing their job, I would hate for that to be the reason they don't terminate.

Again, please pray they ask for termination next week. I, you'll be surprised, have not gotten a time for court. I don't think they want me there. Hmmmm? That's ok, I'll send God to fight my battle for me.

To clarify the complexities of the proceedings. The department can ask that they proceed towards termination on Tuesday. If that request is granted they will set a trial date. If they don't ask for termination, we will begin the process to sue the state to do so. We believe that either way we can get this resolved this year, but if the department asks it won't cost us a new car.

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