Saturday, July 12, 2008

Suitcase Anxiety

Lots of drama happening here. It happens with little middle whenever the suitcases come out. Us being the seventh home he's lived in, packing in general brings him a lot of anxiety. Of course, so should taking out the trash, as he came to us with all of his stuff in trash bags.

I don't think he'll believe it 'til we're back, I'm hoping he'll chill as the week goes on. He will be well worn this week, so hopefully we'll all be able to sleep.

So as far as the anxiety medication experiment has gone with the trip, if it is working I'm thankful because if it were worse than this I'd need my own. And this coming from the least anxious person here.

As far as everything else goes, I'm thankful that Brandon and Elisa are staying at my house whilst we are gone, it is truly a mutually inclusive blessing that we are sharing. I'm thankful I thought to ask my friend Donna for a carryon bag instead of going to buy a new one. And that she said yes:) And as always that our dog will be able to be Bailey Bailey for a little while. He so loves it there.

I'd try out twitter but I'd be afraid you'd all get texted at some unGodly hour, since we are going west. So, mobile blogging it is. Be prepared......and btw mobile blogging goes to my other site

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