Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Random experiences from my life.

Who said there was no such thing as a dumb question?

Princess asks Booger "Why are you naked?"
Booger responds "Because I don't have any clothes on."

Lil Middle asked me "Mom, how come some girls don't keep their boobies in their boobie holders?"

The kids caseworker, who is a boy and a parent and should know better asked, "why do you wear your underwear backwards?"

Lil Middle said "if the picture's not in front your penis falls out."

Should we REALLY have to make this a rule?

No farting on your brother's head.

Apparently we do. Or how 'bout this?

Don't burp when you kiss me.

Or, Please don't lick the following:
The dog
The floor
The bathroom floor
Anything that has been in the bathroom
Any brother or sister

We are now at the stage where the four year old thinks that he can't get in trouble if he tells the truth. Which is a yea/boo. Yea! Telling the truth is a good thing. Boo! We have to make the aforementioned rules, because he "didn't know" that was a rule. Actually the first rule was for the big boys.

In your house, is every trip to the bathroom treated with all the pomp and circumstance of an African Safari? Since we've returned from vacation I have not been able to leave the room without multiple hugs and kisses and pathetic pleas like "but, I'm going to miss youuuuuu."

We have trouble distinguishing between mortal wounds and blackberry stains. Of course a quick lick will reveal if a trip to the ER is necessary. We also forget why we so desperately needed that bandaid we just asked for, no worries, we'll put it heeeeere.

As I've mentioned before we "don't have an adequate amount of toys" for our children. Apparently whomever wrote that didn't have to pick any up. Can't wait to find out what she writes about the last visit. The kids spent the first 20 minutes of it "hiding" in the front closet, which they had locked. (I had the key, they just insisted on hanging out in there.)

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