Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Dirpay Nathalia

We had the privilege of parenting you for about a month, although we had the adventures of a lifetime that month. I'm sorry for the way it all ended but quite frankly you scared the heck out me. I understand that you were not stealing just collecting things that you might need for later. I am sorry for all that you had to go through to get to the point you were at when I knew you. I understand that after all of that it's scary to be a girl. I still have the card that you made that says "I love you," I hope that we made a difference in your life. Please understand that I had six other kids to protect. I am hoping that you found a place where you were safe. I'm praying that as you become an adult you've learned enough to live the life that you've always dreamt. I know that most of what you have been told in your life has been a lie. I have been in the system for a small amount of time, I cannot imagine having it be the only constant in my life. I am hoping that they have provided you with what you need to get started in life. I am hoping all that I can for you.
Happy Dirpay

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Megan said...

Love and prayers!