Saturday, August 9, 2008


Our church is making some changes, we are a Megachurch, and we are trying to fill up some campuses. This means that some of our volunteers will be making the shift to different campuses leaving openings at the main site. Which means they are going to ask me what I'm doing to serve..........

I will not be doing childcare, I know they need it, but I need ten minutes away from children a week. Besides, I don't much like other people's children, yes, that's ironic.

I won't be greeting, I'm not a happy cheery type. I can't direct you to the children's area any better than the 400 square foot signs hanging over our heads.

I won't be directing traffic in the parking lot, we have 100 acres, I'm sure you can find a spot. You may have to walk, but that shouldn't be a problem. We have plenty of Handicap and Pink parking, leave it for those who need it.

I'd sing, if you'd let me, you won't. Plus I'm tired after one service of singing, let alone practice and four services, no probably not a good idea.

We've got a home team, which meets when the planets align. Our core group is five plus children, try coordinating five families with a combined total of 30 some children, all of whom have activities and other parents, and all the stuff kids come with. However, we do get together, and it is fun. We're going to stick with that.

Also, my husband has a men's group and I have a women's group. My group doesn't officially meet, but I'm here to answer any foster or adopting questions people may have. We had our first adoption last week, and because of the group I was able to inform them of all the stuff the state and their attorney had left out.

And we're raising other people's kids, I know parenting isn't an get out of serving card, but parents raising their own kids don't have the hassle factor we do. How many times do you have to drop your kids off with drug smugglers for a couple of hours? Do you have to drive three hours each way for the privilege? How much time and effort do you then have to put back into the children so they don't have night terrors for a week? How many reports do your kids generate on a daily basis? How many strangers come into your house each month to inspect the quality of care you are giving to your children?

I know everyone has jobs and kids and maybe it's a priority, but my first ministry is to my family, and right now at least one of them needs mom all the time. He's making up for lost time. So, when your glancing down the aisle to see which box I check on the serving card, don't strain too hard, I won't be. I will be home practicing how to be a functioning human being with a four year old.


Lou Arnold said...

I thought I was the only one that felt that way about children's ministry. I am a second grade teacher and deal with that all week plus my two little ones at home. Sunday morning is my break.

You do have a great ministry. Raising kids that need someone is a ministry in itself. Children need responsible adults in there lives. It wasn't until sugar and spice began fostering that I began to see the need in our community. Who would have thought that there were this many children who just needed love? Keep up the good work.

Megan said...

Did ya'll finish an adoption personally? Or someone else in the BOTH ministry?

Annie said...

Someone else, they adopted a four year old they'd been fostering for awhile. Several months back the state moved them to another foster home and they had to fight to get him back. But everyone is home now. Their ad lidem charged them $500 although they had never seen the ad lidem.