Friday, August 1, 2008

My Mansion In The Sky

I've heard that the work we do here will be reflected there by the size of our mansion. I don't know what sound Biblical principle that's based on, but it sounds good. A friend mentioned that should people from a certain government agency that I'm dealing with make it to heaven, they should have to mow my lawn. Here's to hoping.

Here on this side of the veil I'm looking at a lot of flip houses. I can see the potential but have gotten too good at estimating the cost. I wonder what happened to that first flip attitude. Well, I know what happened to it, reality. I was going to buy the place for $5,000 - put in about $5,000 and sell the place for about a million. Course these houses come as is and you don't really know what the foundation is like til you get into it.

It's also become apparent to me that the more potential is in a flip the more problems come with it. I gave up trying to get it all done in six weeks, I try to identify the next big problem and deal with that one only. Of course some other work has to go by the wayside. Who cares about the landscaping when the sewer's backed up?

I guess that's Satan's way of trying to get us off course. I know a lot of people drive by and pity the fool who purchased that one. I gave up caring what others think. It's an investment, and I may lose some money, but I can see it in all of its glory, somedays. Somedays I take the day off, somedays I'm going to hire a subcontractor, somedays somebody runs off with all the copper pipes. Somedays it's a property dispute. It's a process. I know it would be a lot easier to get the houses turnkey, but being a builder is just one of the ways God made me special.

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